Aromatherapy Soap w/ Rosemary & Amber


AMBER OUDH AROMATHERAPY SOAP WITH ROSEMARY & AMBER EXTRACT Amber Oudh Aromatherapy Soap with Rosemary & Amber Extract.

  • ✓ Utterly calming impact: Having an optimal combination of antioxidant properties backed up with sensational aromatherapy tendencies, the soap bar lets you achieve nothing but sheer relaxation of mind & body.
  • ✓ Eliminates skin problems: Whether it’s skin abrasion issue or even loosening of skin pores, the body soap bar works equally well with all the issues to restore your skin perfection.
  • ✓ Tightens skin: By having anti aging properties, the Rosemary and Amber combo proves to be ideal for skin tightening motive.
  • ✓ Antioxidant & reliable: As antioxidant characteristics facilitate your skin in an unbelievable fashion, at the same time, organic manufacturing keeps it reliable for all skin types.
  • ✓ Cost-effective: Despite being enriched with optimal features for betterment of your skin, body soap bar comes your way in a cost-effective manner to avoid a financial burden.